Pink-ish Pickle LTE

Day 1

This is the first sentence. BOOOOOM!!! It's done… I'm already at the fourth sentence. You know what? I'm more professional than other LTE’ers! is that how you say it. I don't know. Anyway.. I'm more professional.. So I'm creating a word quota.. I don't know what it is but trust me (actually dont) it exists. My computer is at 2% and is telling me I have 11 minutes left… so i'm going to use that to write here. I use the .. or the … thing too much so that I can't get criticized for improper punctuation… even if I didn't use it I would not be criticized because nobody is actually taking the time out of their day to read this… I’m currently sitting in an art room writing… What I am currently doing is breaking the laws of physics… It's great!! Oh no the physics police are after me now. Gotta run!! Just kidding there is no such thing as the physics police. Now that I have written all of this.. I felt like in the first few sentences it was going so fast... but now that i'm getting less random its taking more time to write… the patron saint of paperclips is the best human alive!! I sent an email telling her so. hers might not be the longest but is by far the most interesting. Since one of my friends discovered the website: he got me and a few others into reading it, and now i'm entering the world of LTE-ing with this!!! I suck at grammar so give me a break… please! I'm begging you!!?! I love using a question mark and exclamation point like this: chicken!!!?! Because it achieves an initially confident effect, but then it devolves into someone kinda questioning their own sanity a bit… It's so great!!!! My computer is now telling me that it's still at 2% but it only has 8 minutes left… this is the beginning of the end!!!!?! Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees! My computer is auto correcting that long yes to Yeh Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Which I think is really weird… I don't know why that is happening. It's very strange… I don't know why life is happening. It's very strange… bye! I'm back now. Just kidding! I don't exist! I'm listening to music to pick a track for a theatre piece we are doing in class… YES, I'm a theatre kid! dont judge me. We got to make submissions for songs we could listen to for the piece and I submitted megalovania. Someone the mii creator music, and the five minute crafts intro. It was great! Time to be more random. Lolcat is the best minecraft language setting. I play a lot of minecraft… like a lot of minecraft... too much minecraft... “do not pass your judgement unto me!” (in posh british accent)... that's how you say don't judge me all fancy and stuff. Cheese is the best thing since cheese! (and sliced bread, and me, and you, and life itself, and cheese, and gold, and trench coats, and demons, and yes!) Why is cheese! What is cheese! How is cheese! The real question is WHEN is cheese!! Cheese is not a wild thing!! So stop putting it in zoos, and in people's computers! stupid monkeys!! Monkeys like monkey cheese!! Cheese made out of monkeys! monkeys made out of cheese! Woooooo!! Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese!!! Long cheese! Short cheese!! Long paragraph!!! Short paragraph!! Cheese is watching!! Spaghetti! I don't really like spaghetti. I don't know why though, I don't hate it. I just don't like it for some reason. maybe it's the texture, maybe the taste, maybe something else, DONT hate on me for not really liking spaghetti!! Please!! I beg you!!!?! I'm not actually begging you though!! Bye!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm back now 7 minutes left on my battery somehow. I'm pretty sure my computer is lying to me… I've used this computer for like an hour… I'm gonna start numbering the days that I'm writing this… because that's cool!! The exclamation point at the end of this sentence marks around 4000 characters! Now you know! Not that you want to know.. or really know at all unless you check... maybe I'm lying! dun dun dun!! actually i'm not lying! dun dun dun!! that's why I said maybe I am lying instead of being certain that I am lying because I am in fact not lying! But that probably doesn't make sense anyway!! Over 4100 characters… but you won't know unless you check... so maybe i'm lying dun dun dun or maybe not dun dun dun so that's why I said maybe and all that and stuff... and i'm gonna stop being a broken record! But it's fun… but its not… but it's fun… but its not… but it's fun… but it's not… but it's fun… but it's not… but its fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is holding down the button to make lots of that character breaking the rules of LTE-ing? Hopefully not… I mean it's not copy and paste… what are the rules anyway? Are there rules? I'm gonna stop talking/typing and leave now!!

Day 2

(in a sad tired voice) Whats up guys and welcome back to episode 1983678549 of my minecraft lets play… today we will keep trying to find herobrine… by breaking bedrock with a wooden pickaxe… I am sad… my life is a lie… the cake is a lie… this lets play is a lie… (2 hours of bedrock mining later) aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Okay that's it for today! comment like and subscribe!! See you all next time!!! (outro plays) Happy over 5000 character anniversary by the way! At this rate I will have an LTE long enough to be one in no time! Does an LTE have to have a length? Is it 20000 words? 10000? Is there a set length? Is what I have right now an LTE? Will I be recognized if I post this? Even if I get 100000 words I probably won't get recognized… I am sad now. That is a depressing statement! or is it! Was that great or was it GREAT!! It was awesome! That changed your life! probably not! Yay!! What is the point of an LTE? Is there a point? Is it fame? (spoiler: nope) is LTE-ing actually the meaning of life!!?! My name is Uiefuhgrvun9orip, not bob! Not that you thought it was bob in the first place!?! I just choked on an airhead trying to steal someone's computer... now I am constantly tasting airhead! Life is pain!! Just kidding, life is cheese!! Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! grapes! Recently I have been saying grapes instead of great. I don't know why, but I just do! People get really confused but I DO NOT CARE!! By the way... we are at over 6000 Characters!! Not that you really care!! I doubt anyone but me is reading this right now. Why are half of the characters here just me talking/typing about talking, or typing! or the amount of characters I'm at!! or me talking/typing about me talking/typing about me talking/typing... (pretend this goes forever) Why am I even making paragraphs… it probably would look longer without them.. I wish I could change it but a lot of the stuff I have written revolves around the paragraphs existing… soooo… no deleting the paragraph breaks… who am I even talking to!!?! You know what!?! I'm deleting all of the paragraph breaks!!!! Except the day ones! We are now almost up to 7000 characters. That's grapes! We are currently at 6904 characters! Why did I feel you needed to know that… I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!!! This sentence will hopefully pass 7000! Yay it did that's grapes!! I don't know what to write next! That's bad!! Like extremely bad!!! Because that's literally the point of this whole thing!! writing!!! And I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO WRITE!!!!!! I just successfully summoned the physics police upon me by breaking newtons 32nd law “Thou shalt write about not writing!”. of course Newtons 32nd law does not exist! but nobody cares!!! I need to actually make a word quota... I think I said on day 1 that it existed. but I don't know what it is! today I am going to find out!! I think I might make it 3000 characters. I'm probably not gonna do that. I'm not doing this on the weekends (unless I get really bored)... if I do this for 2 weeks… 3000 characters a day... five days a week... I will make it to around 38000 characters which is more than some other LTE’s! Which is awesome!! it's nowhere near flaming chickens.. but it's something! Hey three pages in google docs!! There are lots of characters already!! Do you know how many!! 8000 characters!! Grapes!! Most of this LTE is me talking about how many characters i'm at.. and when i'm done with that I write like a couple of random sentences then do it again!!! 8177 Characters!! now 8200 characters!! Bye!! Just kidding! I don't exist!! I've said that twice now! That's grapes!! I almost never use commas in this, or periods, I almost always punctuate my sentences with an exclamation point or a “...”, or maybe even a “..”!!! This LTE is pretty random! I am in a car that is currently parked outside of a “papa murphys” that is situated next to a “cricket”! Does a “cricket” store sell crickets! I put the quotation marks on the names of the store’s so that you didn't get confused as to why the papa murphys was situated next to a random insect.. not that you would have gotten confused... but you might have! then again, this whole thing is kinda confusing!! But that's also kinda the point of LTE’s.. is to be very entertaining.. and boring at the same time! If you are currently reading this… I don't know who you are, but you are thoroughly wasting your time!!

Day 5

I did not write on monday/yesterday because we did not have school, and I wasn't bored enough to write. I believe the Oxford comma should be used, because if you don't use it, there can be lots of confusion. “The oxford comma can sometimes create more confusion though”, some might say. but it still answers more questions than it creates, and therefore should be used in modern writing. It is a necessary step towards a less confusing future! (plus it will be our chief defence against the squid uprising of 2021).. Is there a point to this.. Life I mean.. NOPE! And I couldn't care less about it!! What is the definition of the word definition.. if you don't know what definition means then you can’t get the definition of definition!! That's weird! You know how when you stand on your hands it's called a handstand.. Well if you stand on your feet is it a footstand… I want an official flaming chickens handbook! The patron saint of paper clips said that it would come in the mail.. but it never did… it kinda makes you wonder if the official flaming chickens handbook really even exists.. I question my own sanity!! I hate that I have to say this but.. I have not yet read the entirety of the flaming chickens LTE! I am sad about this fact. but do you know what will cheer me up! that I am currently half way to creating an LTE longer than another respected LTE so (probably not) I might get recognized as a respected LTE-er!! (I’m currently over 10500 characters)!! My school day is almost over. I have 5 minutes left on my computer. and I am nowhere near my word quota!! But I’m too lazy to do anything about it. so I’m gonna just pretend I hit my quota and forget about it!! I had a really bad 3rd grade teacher. My friend was literally diagnosed with PTSD because of my third grade teacher! I accidentally said “I love you” to some random person I barely know.. They walked away before I could say that I didn't mean to say that, so I just made someone think that I had an attraction to them even though I really don't.. OOPS! I don't know if they are gonna spread that rumor, but that's gonna be awkward next time I see them. Hopefully that doesn't turn into some kind of drama or something! Hopefully they thought I said something else, or didn't hear me, hopefully they don't have feelings for me that i'm about to crush!! Bold text! Italic text! Underlined text! Everything at the same time!! Alright I’m done!! We did an empathy exercise and I got a funny story.. and my partner got a serious one, and it was awkward!! seeya!!

Day 6

This is the fourth page in google docs. I don't know why I felt you needed to know this.. This is likely not even in google docs if you are reading it.. That thing on the oxford comma earlier was a thing for school I wrote in here.. then copy and pasted it into another doc to turn it in.. but I almost accidentally turned this in.. that would not have ended well!! Here is a fun fact. Just last week I learned to blow bubbles with bubblegum, I mean it has “bubble” in the name and yet I still haven't blown a bubble with it until a week ago! That scares me! I have yet to read through this text yet to see the downward spiral of my own sanity as our great overlord the patron saint of paperclips has! I am a failure! Do you know how I write this? no you don't? I write a bunch of stuff without punctuation because it's quicker then go back through and fix spelling errors, and add dots, and commas, and exclamation points, and question marks, etc! so right now a whole half of this day is just a jumble of words which will then be turned into a punctuated jumble of words!! neat!!! But not really though!! It's actually very lazy!! Despite what I might have thought, I actually almost hit my word quota for the day yesterday! That's great! I'm not even halfway to doing it today though. but I’m at lunch which is only like a quarter of the way through the day so hopefully I will have plenty of time! What am I gonna do during the summer since I don't have school? will I still be able to write? are they going to take my computer (this is a school issued computer)? If I was on a video call with you and I claimed I was holding an invisible dog? you wouldn't be able to prove me wrong! That would be awesome!! I was going to hang out with my friends today at lunch but instead I’m sitting in a corner in a hallway doing this.. just so you know I am older than 10 at the time of writing this.. I am in middle school.. I don't want to give away personal information (I don't know why because nobody is actually reading this) but I'm not really a kid.. You know what? I’m creating an official pink-ish pickle handbook!! The cult of the pink-ish pickle is the best thing to ever not really exist!! CODE 24 of the pink-ish pickle handbook clearly states: if you will not believe that the cult of the pink-ish pickle does not exist then you shall be punished severely (unless you are a dog)! Speaking of.. Dogs are the best thing to happen ever since the dawn of time and even before that! If there is a before that.. I already forgot what I wrote about like 10 lines ago because I am just going with the flow of this text (if there really is a flow)! I am about 300 characters away from my daily quota plus I am already almost at 15500 Characters! I just re-read my LTE so far! And I can say you can definitely see that I have slowly gotten more insane as this has gone on!! This is not GRAPES for my mental health… but i'm going to keep going because i'm already so insane that I'm going to keep going.. and going.. and going.. and going.. and.. going see i'm ever repeat.. repeat...repeating.. Myself! have you ever written (or said) a single word so many times that it looks (or sounds) like it's not ever a real word anymore.. because I just did that! Yay!! That's GRAPES!!! Yay! I made my word quota for the day!! And I got to over 15044 characters!! As CODE 26 of the pink-ish pickle handbook states: if the author/leader of the pink-ish pickles passes 15000 characters the author shall be very proud of themselves and if you/the reader are not also proud of the author then you shall be subjected to vague pain-like sensations in your right pinky toe..

Day 7

I started this a week ago and it feels like yesterday! Honestly I feel like I’m still 7 soo.. That's not saying much.. I am almost at 5 pages!! I don't know why I bestowed that knowledge upon you!! But I did! How old is the patron saint of paperclips now? I am too lazy to go all game theory on the flaming chickens longest text ever to find the age, name, and current political standing of the patron saint of paperclips. Ok well im an idiot and decided to do exactly the opposite of what I just said! So I tried to find out the age, (full) name, and current political standing of the patron saint of paperclips.. Code 19 of the unofficial official pink-ish pickle handbook states that: if the author should steal ideas from the original flaming chickens LTE (i.e: making a fake handbook for a fake cult) he shall be punished severely via invisible pains in the hands because of overuse due to trying to write a really bad LTE!!! I just read on the news that a goose got high off of pills left in a forest… I got really depressed because humanity is doomed! but then immediately happy because of the fact that there was a picture of the high goose at the top of the article!! There is currently someone trying to comment on this doc.. They have also read the flaming chickens LTE and they are saying things about “meg” and stuff like that! Just thought you should know.. “My day is almost over and I have written like nothing today” I said sadly.. then I realized this doesn't matter anyway, so I DON'T CARE!!!! Nobody besides me and my friend will probably even know that this exists!! Time for me to go on a rant! I have F’s and D’s in most of my classes (it's the beginning of second semester) because my teachers won't grade my dang assignments!! Some (mostly other teachers, and parents who don't understand) say “teachers are people too, and grading takes time out of their day” well I say “kids are people too, and doing the dang assignments takes time out of our day!! Plus all they have to do is check if we are right or wrong!! but we have to do things by ourselves!! Without a dumb answer book!!” I’m better at maths then my maths teacher is! “Those who cannot do: teach” is VERY true!!!!!! Ok I’m done.. I have 15 minutes left until the end of the day!! Then I’m going to go home and learn how to play “Sweden” by C418 on the piano.. even though I’m a noob at piano.. but you gotta learn sometime.. so screw it!! Ok bye!!

Day 8

It has now been more than a week since I started this weird project!! Woo! I have now caused myself mental pain for 8 days straight!! My friend.. (the one that I talked about earlier with the goose stuff..) he is now making a website called the shrine of the goose.. It is devoted solely to weird random stuff (its sorta like flaming chickens but focused on geese).. I am sitting down right now! Speaking of.. What qualifies as lying down vs sitting?? That's a strange question.. with a probably equally strange answer.. but I’m too lazy to find out… my friend is once again reeking havoc in the comments on this doc.. SHUT IT!! That was him… YOU DUMB NERD!!! That was him again.. I don't know why I’m accepting his suggestions… I really am a dumb nerd!! Lol!!! Again im at the end of the day and still have got (almost) nothing written

Day 11

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Sanity quickly draining!!! Just kidding! I don't exist!! I Have recently appointed myself patron saint of weirdly coloured pickles!! Isn't that great!! Ow! my hands have suddenly begun to hurt!! In compliance with CODE 19 of the pink-ish pickle handbook!! My school day is almost over again again and I have written basically nothing!! Not that I actually have to write anything.. This is my choice.. I could abandon this now and never do it again and nobody.. not even me.. would care.. And yet.. I still put pressure on myself regarding writing a specific amount per day!! WHY!!!

Day 12

Okay, I have a rant.. WHY DO GUMMY WORMS EXIST!!! Why would a reasonable human want to eat a gummy (which tastes the exact same might i add) that is shaped like a worm, which is inedible! vs eat a gummy shaped like a fruit, that is edible!! Why!! Why are people stupid enough to want to eat a worm rather than a fruit!!! what is this teaching kids!! to eat worms!? That's like saying “do you want to eat something shaped like poison or an apple” and then everyone picks the poison!! Why do people like gummy worms!!! I am still wondering why probably most of this at this point is me writing about writing? Speaking of… only another (about) 1000 characters until my LTE is longer than another LTE that is recognized!! Yay!! In fact I already have more words but soon I will also have more characters!! Shout outs to Kenneth Iman’s LTE!!! My friend is working on a website that is kind of an LTE hub.. he is going to find most of the LTE’s ever created and put them on one website! which as far as I know has never been done before!! Shout outs to Mckenzie (a.k.a the person in the comments and also the person that makes the weird websites)!! The last three days put together doesn't even hit my word quota for one day… but nobody cares anyway so… why am I even doing this in the first place.. For fun maybe… probably… I haven't actually put this on a website yet… I haven't even started on a website that I might put this on yet… I'm gonna do that right now!! This is awesome!! This is a great website!! Wow!! Okay.. now what the heck do I do now.. I can't think of anything to write about! that sucks!! Sorry that this is a neocities site.. I am poor.. and therefore cannot afford my own domain.. But look on the bright side.. somehow you found this and are currently reading it!! Maybe you hate it! but I don't care… I don't know who you are.. Or what your name is... or if anyone is actually reading this!! But if you are reading this… Thank you! for wasting time in your life that you will never get back!! On this pile of garbage!!! Hopefully watching me go quickly insane, (over the span of 12 days now) in writing form has made you at least somewhat more happy! or sad.. this text is actually a mind control device!!! Mwahahaha!!! Just kidding!! I don't exist!! I have 1% left on my computer, and it's about to die! so i'm going to write until it does.. because im stupid! It died.. so i put it on the charger.. Like a smart person.. Even though I am very un-smart! But I had to use it for an assignment in one of my classes.. so I decided to actually be responsible for once!! Cool!

Day 13

too un-bored to write!! wooooooooo!! That's grapes!

day 14

This is my last class of the day and then I'm going home.. And I'm only starting to write... But the good news is yesterday my friend from my elementry school got into my current school! And yesterday was his first day! We had lunch together.. Had a reunion thing.. That was fun! I dont know why I'm talking about serious things you and I might actually care about! Thats not what you want right!?! You want insanity! Why do potatoes grow in the ground.. They are not very well hidden.. They have a thing that goes above ground to get sun.. Why not just stay below ground and get nutrients from the dirt!? Evolution is stupid a lot of the time! It created humans.. Which are currently destroying the planet!! *maniacle laugh* Oops!

day 15

Hello fellow humans! (unless you are not human)!! My friend (not mckenzie) showed me a news report that said "{insert name here} was alive hours before he died!"! that was really funny!!

day 18

I was lazy so I took a break because as I have mentioned: I dont actually have to do this!I i'm doing this because I want too!! anyways I decided to do this because my friend (Mckenzie) is making an LTE.. so yay! this is the link! also today is march 6th 2020 im saying this mostly for myself, so when I abandon this and find it again and write a new entry.. then I can know what day to write!

day 323

Hello, I am alive. it has been almost a year, ummmmmm... nobody cares? ok. it is January 5th 2021. Also, my punctuation has gotten better, I don't use as many "..."'s now.. DANG IT! Ummmm.. Mckenzie, if you are reading this (which I will make sure you do), update ur LTE again, or else! or else what?!?!?! I DONT KNOW!!!! I am doing online school now, I am currently in a zoom called "Science class". I am supposed to be listening to what my teacher is talking about, but I am not. is that illegal? Porbably not. I am stressed that my dad will walk in suddenly and discover that I am not paying attention, probably. See you when I am bored enough to do this again!!!!?!!

day 329

Greetings peculiar pickle people, i am very tired! So, I am writing today. i dont know what im writing about, pretty much buisness as usual. i am going crazy. anyways, another one of friends is making an LTE. after all of these years, he has finally discovered the magic of LTE's! And both me and mckenzie are coming out of LTE retirement! So both of their LTE's are now linked at the bottom of the page, along with the original flaming chickens LTE. I might make a youtube video about the rather unknown LTE community, maybe not. just kidding! i dont exist!! (its been a while since ive done that.. it feels good to be back..) and always reeeeemeber, life is short, I could abandon this any second and go do something with my life. regardless, have a noice day! Just kidding! im back! oh, and i dont exist! Ok, so you probably arent wondering why I stopped saying how many words I am at. and why my spelling, grammer, punctuation, and stuff like that has gotten worse. Well, its because when I started this LTE, I didnt want to have a website with only a little bit of text, i wanted to have something so it wasnt so empty. so I started the LTE of a google doc, which has word count and spell check. then I made it into a website. and now, instead of writing in the doc. im writing straight into the html console, so i can see all the code and stuff. thats also why sometimes there are things wear I would change the font and stuff, or use italic text. but that didnt carry over into the html console, and im too lazy to remove it. so it is going to stay, i wonder if people actually check this often, i have around 230 hits, but some are prolly me and/or mckenzie, so. and if i had people who actually followed this frequently, they probably stoopped checking after I left for a year. So even less people will actually see these words, sad.. but not really, this is kinda crazy and I dont tell many people about it because even if I did, then they would probably stop talking to me, the only people ive really showed this to are mckenzie and busterddog, nobody else really kno- my dad just almost walked in on me typing in this. that wouldve been bad, if my dad ever sees this. im sorry. also, mckenzie just send me an email that his touchpad (on his school computer) broke, which sucks for him. My sense of humor hasnt changed much since last year, so using the old jokes from this LTE isnt that hard. except for the part where I made a handbook thing and appointed myself patron saint of something, that was kinda blatant plagarism. but who cares, I certainly dont. I think day one was actually the day I wrote the most, is was a lot more random. but it was a lot bigger, maybe I should return to my LTE roots, maybe??? i have no idea! also, this is my longest entry since the gummy worms rant, yay! Ok, Cya when I get bored again!!

day 330

Hey, I'm back. Today is a special day, well it was actually yesterday. but nobody cares. so, BusterDdog did his first rant! I know.. "only one rant!".. but he has to start somewhere, baby steps.. maybe someday he will have an LTE to rival mine.. probably not though, he hasnt even stolen anything from the flaming chickens LTE yet.. btw his rant was about school, online school.. which sucks. i got a lot of sleep last night but i am still really tired, i dont know why.. I might start working on the script for the LTE video, but i have a lot of other scripts in the wprks right now. including some for school, so maybe not yet. i will let you know.. anyways, i am tired. seeya laters!

day 331

So, ummmm... BusterDdog made a speech, on his LTE.. idk if you count that as a rant or what.. but he is rallying people to say syrup instead of seeya.. so, do that.. i need to go do real life stuff, so.. seey- i mean, syrup!

day 363

Greetings gozarians (yes, that was a ghostbusters refrence..), im back.. the day after tommorow is the 1 year anniversary of the start of this LTE.. i might do something on that day, maybe not though.. Also, i updated the look of the site to make it look nicer.. all of the day parts are bigger, the mage at the top is smaller, there is a title at the top.. its cool! Anyways, BusterDdog updated his LTE.. so, go check that out with the link and the bottom of the site.. also, i have some top-secret info about his name: its not buster, nor does he have a dog named buster.. idk where that name came from.. Maybe he can update his LTE and tell me *wink* *wink* *nudge* *nudge*.. alrighty im just gonna say it, HEY EVERYBODY, UPDATE UR LTES! do you know what i just realized? no? ok.. so i just realized i am the only person in our little LTE group that constantly yells at everyone to update their LTEs.. but then i take long breaks and dont update mine.. weird.. alrighty, syrup!

day 364

Hi,i have returned with exciting news! (idk if that is spelled correctly)! I have figured out a way (i think) to send everyone notifications that the LTE has been updated! I think that if you join a google docs, as the owner i can email everyone simultainously, and, since it is a google docs it also doubles as a chatroom! I know, i have the most amazing ideas. anyways, im gonna go do that. i will update the website when im done.

day something

Hello, i am to lazy to figure out the day (its been at least 3 days since the last entry, but idk.). so, this is day something. i am making this to notify you i completely forgot about the docs thing, i might go work on that now. So, i that might be up within a reasonable timeframe. bye for now!

srsly tho what day is it

All hail the holy pie god! The being of three identities, please spare me from your holy punishment! (Please)


idk why im updating this, i have nothing to say.. i still need to figure out what day it is..soooo, thats fun.. Goldfish (the snack cracker not the real fish) are better than Cheez-Itz (also a snack cracker but idk what you would confuse that for).. fight me, goldfish are just better.. umm, go check out the LTE's at the bottom of the page. two of them are my friends, and then the flaming chickens LTE.. which is prolly the best one.. other than mine of course *cool sunglasses emoji*..

This day is just the chrome dino game

why was yesterday the chrome dino game?!?!

i have no idea..

Another day

Ok, hey guys.. im still not gonna figure out what day it is, but.. i finally did the chatroom thingy! idk why i didnt do it for so long.. but, if anyone wishes to like, chat with me on google docs.. or recieve LTE update emails, then join this google doc..

I still havent figured out the day again idk plz halp

hi, im back. just kidding, i dont exist!! Anyways, i killed the chatroom and update thing... i dont think anyone visits this site. idk what im doing here.. Mckenzie updated his LTE.. check it out with one of the links at the bottom of the page. He also has a new LTE hub, which you can access today for the low low price of clicking the link to it thats on his website!! My science class sucks cause its very boring, i have a teacher named Mr. Joy (YES THATS ACTUALLY HIS NAME). Ironically, he spreads boredom, which is the oppsite of joy.

Mckenzies LTE

BusterDdogs LTE

Official Flaming-Chicken LTE